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Welcome to Project IDX

Project IDX is an AI-assisted workspace for full-stack, multiplatform app development in the cloud. With support for a broad range of frameworks, languages, and services, alongside integrations with your favorite Google products, IDX streamlines your development workflow so you can build and ship apps across platforms with speed, ease, and quality.

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Get to work quickly, wherever you are

Project IDX gets you into your dev workflow in no time, backed by the security and scalability of Google Cloud. Go from opening your browser to building an application in a matter of seconds, not days.

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Develop with Gemini in IDX

Work quickly and efficiently with built-in AI assistance from Gemini, Google’s largest and most capable AI model. Generate code, access inline coding suggestions, and get help understanding complex code in real time.

Instantly access popular frameworks and languages

Project IDX makes it easy to get started with a variety of templates for frameworks such as Angular, Astro, Flutter, Go, Next.js, Python/Flask, React, Svelte and more. You can also customize your environment with Nix or import your existing applications from GitHub, with support for most tech stacks.

And, with one-click integrations, you can effortlessly add popular Google APIs and services to your app for every stage of development.

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Optimize your apps across platforms

Project IDX lets you preview your full-stack, multiplatform apps as your users would see them, with built-in web previews and Android emulators. And, with access to thousands of extensions, you can test and optimize your API endpoints and backend services.

Let’s make the development workflow better, together

While software development today is more accessible than ever before, it’s also more complicated.

We’re constantly exploring additional ways to simplify and speed up your entire workflow, like richer collaboration tools, across environment sync, pair debugging, code review and more, all powered by Google’s latest AI technology.

But we can't do this alone — we want to hear from you as we continue to update IDX and reimagine a better workflow to build, ship and manage apps. To try out Project IDX and give feedback, sign in with your Google Account below.